Welcome to ❤️ LOVE, Lynchburg

Dear Friends –  WELCOME to our first Blog Post! My name is Heather Knopp, and I LOVE Lynchburg.  Our hope here at “Love, Lynchburg” is to show you why we LOVE it here and how we can inspire you to LOVE it, too!  So whether you already live here, or are interested in traveling here,Continue reading “Welcome to ❤️ LOVE, Lynchburg”

LOVE, Anne Spencer Home and Garden

A visit to Lynchburg, Virginia is not complete without seeing the ANNE SPENCER HOME & GARDEN. “Pierce Street in Lynchburg, Virginia is one of the most historic streets in America.” Experience the HARLEM RENAISSANCE TOUR which includes Pierce Street and the world-famous Anne Spencer House & Gardens in Lynchburg, Virginia. Located at 1313 Piece Street.Continue reading “LOVE, Anne Spencer Home and Garden”

So much to… LOVE!

There is a lot to LOVE about Lynchburg, Virginia and we look forward to sharing this LOVE with you! Love, Lynchburg is your Hotel & Tour Connection in Lynchburg, Virginia We connect individuals & groups w/ overnight accommodations in Lynchburg and the surrounding area. Hotels, Meeting Space, Extended Stay, Bed & Breakfast, Group Events, SportsContinue reading “So much to… LOVE!”