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Our view of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and setting beside the historic James River, has made Lynchburg a unique place for history lovers and adventurers of all sorts to call home. Lynchburg’s founders and builders created a city that, at times throughout its history, ranked as one of the wealthiest communities per capita in the nation. This affluence fueled construction of extraordinary buildings in a diverse array of architectural styles. Grand and eclectic homes pepper the historic hills and avenues throughout the city, highlighting the historic achievements of those who have lived and worked here since our founding.


Also known as the Hill City, Lynchburg offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is bordered to the north by the Historic James River. From the centrally located hub of our city, we will navigate your group to the homes of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, to the National D-Day Memorial and Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. This tour includes the places and attractions that people tell their friends and family they must see while they’re here. So grab your compass or fire up the GPS, and let’s explore the Lynchburg region in every direction!


The Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains boast some great local breweries, cideries, and vineyards among their beautiful scenery, and we want to help you explore them. Let us do all the driving while you do all the tasting. We partner with “Brew Ridge Tours”, the only brewery tour operating out of the Lynchburg area, so hop on with Brew Ridge Tours for your next adventure!

Brian comes with over 30 years of experience working in the tourism industry and has worked in the hotels of Lynchburg for over 18 of those years. Heather has also come from a tourism background after working with local attractions in the region.

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